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Easy automation between Web app.

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About Our App

Neriven aims to give a new experience of surfing and change the way we use our web applications and websites by reshaping the way we use them.
Automate the process and get your favorites features brought in an efficient solutions that will finally be within reach.

Fully Interactive

Set up your websites or applications ONCE and get an efficient content that allows you to save time. Get access directly to the features and avoid invisible content from open tabs, page redirection and many more iteams to facilitate your daily work routine.


A unique user experience and user interface that get you straight to the relavent point and allows you to keep you favorites apps all day long while working or surfging the web.

Customize workspace

Set up, arrange and rearrange all your favorites app(s) and website(s) in Neriven to get access quickly to your workspace and make it your personal browser.

Create your app

APP BUILDER (no coding required)

- We have made our app builder directly available in Neriven. Just download Neriven and go through our +app to start make yours.

- Get all what you need to start to create app(s) and Download the API


Create your own app(s) with our app builder or develop it with our templates and and empowering design at your disposal.
Get rid of irrelevant informations and excessive advertising.
Connect several websites and app(s) together.

Send us

You've just created your app ! Great jus need to send us a package (zip) with your final app(s) for a review. Then you will get a message from our team that will explain the next step(s) of the process.


Finaly we will integrate your app(s) for everyone in our Marketplace and share and make your beautiful creation availiable for all Neriven users.

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